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Chemical solution deposition

Metal-organic coating solutions are the basis for the chemical solution deposition (CSD) technology. The solutions are deposited on substrates, in the case of HTS wires on metal tapes. Layers are dried and pyrolysed in a subsequent annealing processes. During a final high temperature crystallisation process up to 1100°C the ceramic functional layer is formed. By optimized temperature profiles and atmospheres, the crystallisation process leads to an epitaxial growth of the ceramic layer enabling superior performance.
Michael Bäcker PhD: “HTS wires fabricated completely via chemical solution deposition techniques offer the biggest promises for reducing production costs. On the other hand they pose the highest scientific and technical challenges.”

The outstanding economic advantages are:

  • Low investment and energy costs
  • High deposition rates
  • Low raw material costs and high yields

Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH developed an innovative ink jet printing technology with international cooperation partners. This ink jet printing allows a high yield of input raw materials and coating solutions.