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About us

Located in Rheinbach, Germany, Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH is a technology based company which develops high-temperature superconductors for energy technologies. These highly specialised conductors are important for productivity growth and efficiency enhancement in electric utilities and in energy intensive industry sectors because they transfer energy without any electrical losses. Our innovative approach is based on the production of superconductors with improved chemical coating technologies.

On the company site in Heidelberg Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH supports BASF New Business GmbH by operating a 3D-printing Application and Technology Center. Innovative materials and printing processes enable customized solutions with unique properties at competitive costs.

In Ludwigshafen and Rheinbach Deutsche Nanoschicht enforces the market introduction of magnetocaloric materials for efficient cooling on behalf of BASF New Business. In the Analytics and Logistics Center first large material batches of magneticaloric materials are processed.