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Electro-ceramic layers

Ceramic functional layers, electro-ceramic in particular, allow completely new and innovative functionalities. Using these thin layers leads to an increased performance with even higher material efficiency. The target performance is not reached via bulk material but via functional layers on economically priced carrier materials.

Either Piezoelectric, ferroelectric, dielectric, magneto-resistive, semi- or superconducting material can be deposited as thin layers.

The main challenge in depositing high-performance electro-ceramic layers is their anisotropy. Anisotropy occurs when physical properties depend on the crystallographic orientation of the material in the layer. In a layer, all crystals or grains have to be orientated for optimum features. This is achieved by an epitaxial growth of the ceramic layers. Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH has demonstrated its ability to epitaxially grow a variety of material in a unique chemical solution deposition process, such as titanated, zirconates, manganates, cerates and cuprates.