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3D-printing / additive manufacturing

Deutsche Nanoschicht operated the Application and Technology Center (ATC) for 3D-printing within the BASF group on its site in Heidelberg. Since September 1st all site-activities were transferred into a new self standing company, BASF 3D-Printing Solutions GmbH (

The manufacture of individually shaped parts of plastic or ceramic by additive manufacturing using a 3D printing process is increasingly becoming the focus of industry interest. The automotive and consumer goods industry, for example, is aiming for complex geometric applications that provide advantages in weight and save effort in assembly, as in the manufacture of air ducts.

3D printing opens up completely new design options – enabling for example the manufacture of inner cavities in one production step. Parts manufacturers will be able to address customer wishes more quickly and individually than with traditional injection molding processes. Moreover, 3D processes are more economical in small-series manufacture. BASF is developing materials suitable for the industrial manufacture of functional 3D parts, and together with industrial partners is jointly developing integrated individual system solutions for customer applications.

Download: System solutions for 3D-printing (PDF)